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· Strength Training
· Bodybuilding/Powerlifting
· Sports Performance
· Rehabilitation


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Please inquire with the coach by calling or texting Dr. Klaus directly at (803) 331-0638.

By email:


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Are you currently frustrated, confused, or struggling to get results?


Where do you begin?  Do you have a plan of action, or just a million more questions?  OR are you trying to push the boundaries of your performance?

Are you stuck in the trap of fitness myths and BS supplements?

By now you may just be tired of trying something new because each and every fad diet or workout led you more astray.


Struggling to balance a strict diet but also having the flexibility to enjoy yourself?

Its time to make nutrition simple with less constraints.  Its time to stop punishing yourself for what you eat.

I see potential in everyone.  Bigger. Leaner.  Stronger.  More knowledgeable.  More Confident.

I have spent 12 years training and gaining the knowledge as a lifetime natural athlete to obtain this level of performance and physique.

I want to help coach you through each and every aspect of your health and fitness journey.  Build the confidence to gain muscle, strength, and performance while mitigating the chances of injury.

This is more than just a program.  It is 1 on 1 personal development to help you achieve the results you desire.

*Currently accepting only a select amount of clients online.  In person is varying upon location.

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