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Soft Tissue Managment


Human Movement Optimization


Physical Assessment



Developed by world renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo A. Spina and used by many different professional sports teams.

The first fundamental element is the assessment.  Functional Range Assessment (FRA) is a clinical evaluation of joint passive to active ranges of motion as it relates to musculoskeletal health.


FRA utilizes advanced measurement procedures to assess each joint and its capacity to move.  This ultimately helps the doctor prioritize and manage decisions in determining where you best fit in the Functional Range Systems framework.


It can put you into two categories: something that is more of a movement/rehabilitation - training/performance appropriate issue or one that requires hands-on soft tissue treatment.


The training or rehabilitation based system is known as Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).  FRC utilizes the latest advancements in scientific 

knowledge combined with tried and tested training methods, to increase USABLE ranges motion (mobility development) and maximize movement potential.  While enhancing the ability to control and move ones own body, it simultaneously focuses on imposing strength/resilience, and neurological control in newly acquired ranges. The more active motion that can be achieved, the more potential there is to develop force output and mitigate injury for sports performance.

The hands-on soft tissue treatment system is known as Functional Range Release (FR).   The doctor utilizes palpation skills to assess and identify target tissues.  Then performs treatment by applying manual therapy tissue tension & layering techniques which allow the clinician to apply force that is more specific to the tissues involved, and to increase the treatment intent.  The application of soft tissue "release" is followed with strengthening or neurological control strategies that work in conjunction with the FRC system.

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