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Proper movement is essential to optimizing performance and reducing the likelihood of sustaining an injury.  At Klaus Sports Chiropractic, our movement and mobility assessment is something we feel everyone should have completed on a yearly basis.


You make a visit to your physician once a year to ensure you are healthy.  You even make a visit to your dentist twice a year to make sure your teeth are doing alright.  Why is it that no one takes a look at your musculoskeletal health (muscle, joint, and overall functionality)? You have a much greater chance of injuring your low back than getting a cavity!  Also, did going to the dentist ever help to add 10 lbs to your squat max?  No way.

This is where the movement and mobility assessment can save you from having to be reactive. Being PROACTIVE once a year can help save you huge amounts of time, money, and pain down the line. 

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